*REACTIVE (Roving Revelers)

Seating is provided in front of the main stage for special performance talent from 10 to 4.  Additional talent gets reaction throughout the park as  “Roving Revelers,” professional entertainers skilled in gaining grins “up close and personal” along the byways of the park, adding color and surprise to the festivities and affording many photo opportunities.

Roving Revelers and Professional Entertainers


Comedic Juggling   

Up for Grabs, Inc.

Rhys Thomas

Isabel (Izzy) Thomas

Matilda Thomas



Cha Cha, Regina Wollrabe

Loopie, Andre Wollrabe

Silly Boy, Eddie Wollrabe



Tim Alexander


Artistic Face Painter            

Roger Witter

(sponsored by Wilsonville Orthodontics)


Balloon Artist Extraordinaire

Joe Mishkin


Mr. Lizard – Reptile Show              

Brett Wilson


Airbrush Tattoos

Time Honored Design


Cartoon Caricaturists

Heather Nichols, Your Face, My Style

Matt Schlosky

(sponsored by Dentistry for Kids)




Ronald McDonald

Greentree Enterprises


The Good NeighBear

State Farm Insurance – Jay Puppo


Dollar Dog

Twin Star Credit Union


The Banana

Jamba Juice


The Hot Dog




The Portland Winterhawks