Taken all together, animals at Fun in the Park from over the years would form quite a menagerie.  Birds and reptiles have been part of the “petting” opportunities for many years, but this year a “petting zoo” joins the fun.  


         Events Unlimited brings life to the park with their colorful and lively inflatable package, but this year the “life” they’re bringing also has real fur.  Hailed at other venues as “adorable and popular,”  a dozen or so critters from among sheep, goats, and bunnies, and one or more miniatures in the form of a donkey, pony, or cow will make up the Petting Zoo.  All of the creatures get an “attitude” check before making their visit—touchable, not touchy, is what we’re after.  (The petting zoo will be in the southeast portion of the park).


         Back for his second visit to FITP with several reptilian friends is Mr. Lizard (Brett Wilson), new to the Portland area last year after 22 years of dazzling reptile lovers in Southern California.  He will introduce his menagerie three times during the day, 11, 12:30 and 2 with opportunities for “petting” after each show.  (Mr. Lizard’s location in the park is northwest of the main stage near shade trees)
         Among his colorful stars are Prada, a 5′ Brazilian Rainbow Boa; Armani, a 7′ Carpet Python; Luggage, a Columbian Red-tailed Boa Constrictor; Toupee, a Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula; Spring Roll, a Madagascar Gian Gecko; Fishstick, a Black & White Tegu Lizard; Francois and Pickle, a tree and pixie frog respectively; Volkswagen, a red-foot tortoise; and Kielbasa, a Blue-tongued Skink.

FRAO (First Responders) – K-9 Unit Demonstration