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Fun in the Park Festival Thanks Community Partners for 16 years of Faithful support

Having a wholesome, FREE festival in the heart of Wilsonville to amuse, entertain, educate, and delight was born at a time of city contention over water treatment and siting of a women’s prison. Could the community come together to embrace a lighthearted, competition-free, all-kids-are-equal gathering?

Heading into its 17th year, Fun in the Park has won a substantial “YES” from many quarters. Aside from idealistic volunteers guiding from conception to fruition, the venture needed a “buy-in” from generous Sponsors. FREE made it “equal opportunity.” Over the 16 years, some 51 different sponsors have exceeded the cash or in-kind “match” challenge of City grants by about $674,000 to $117,250.

From a modest 4,000 visiting the 2001 inaugural FITP event at Town Center Park, the festival now includes two closed off streets and approved encroachment on vacant adjoining property to accommodate upwards of 10,000 for 125+ venues of fun for all ages. Dozens of canopies invite fun that is creative, lively, sportive, decorative, colorful (12+ inflatables) and informative. Most of the main stage offerings are “locals” — bands, dancers, musicians, jugglers, magicians, martial arts, etc. Vendors pay to display products, services, and food; always on the first Saturday in August, 10am to 4pm.  Read More